At Anavale we work to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our products and services. We keep close communication with each client to know their necessities and fulfill their expectations.


The high standards of our products make them one of the best in the market; We work every day towards excellence. We share this idea with our suppliers; Therefore, we can guarantee the highest quality from the seed to your table.


15 years in the market speak for themselves, but what really makes the difference is having the experience in growing and selling fresh produce from Mexico. We know the process and work towards improving it.


We deliver high-quality products selected with the highest
We offer solutions to small and medium companies to produce working with two perspectives: Companies in Mexico who want to export to USA and brands looking for growth.


Our suppliers have the best quality and selection of seeds, which guarantees our
variety of products with the highest export quality standards.

Our tomatoes are grown in the Northern part of Mexico in Shade and Green Houses. We sell tomatoes in 4 different sizes: Jumbo (JB), Extra Large (XL), Large (L) and Medium/Small (M) We are proud to get the tomato you need, as you need it, which is why we sell them in 6 different ripe stages: Green (1), Breakers (2),…
Our large variety of products includes Mexican Chiles. One of the most flavorful ones is the Poblano Pepper. This is a Chile with a texture that is useful in the cooking of sauces and soups, or to add extra flavor to hamburgers and such We sell Poblano Peppers in boxes of 20 lbs in Extra-Large (XL) and Large (L) sizes.
We are proud to offer our famous White Onion, as it is recognized by our customers as one of the best-imported Onions from Mexico. It is a first quality product sold in 3 different sizes: Jumbo (JB), Large (L) and Medium (M) Mexican onion is a product best known for its fabulous flavor. It is a must in countless types…
New York Times has called Mexican Limes the Green Gold. As it is one of the best products from Mexico. It is well known that Martinez de la Torre has a superior quality in this product with them being the greenest and juiciest, which gives them their amazing flavor. Limes are packed in 40 lbs. boxes sorted by sizes them…
One of the most popular products is Cilantro. An herb used in all kinds of foods, which gives a very distinctive flavor. It is a must in Mexican tacos as much as it is in any pasta sauce. The important fact in keeping cilantro fresh is to be careful with the temperature and keeping cilantro humid from the day of…
CARROT The benefits of carrots are countless, from being a vitamin A source to helping fight cancer. Easy to eat as its sweet flavor makes every kid love it and every adult want to include it in their meals. Our Carrot label is Agrobastan, which is well known as the best quality carrot of Mexico. We are convinced that every…
There is no other Mexican product better known than the Avocado. There is no way to describe its flavor and in no case for it as everybody knows and loves it. Our avocados are well kept in the correct temperature that increases its lifetime, while taking care of its ripe process. Avocado are packed in 25 lbs boxes sorted by…
A fresh vegetable full of excellent benefits and a must in any salad, although preferred with lime and chile by Mexicans. The box of Cucumbers weight is 40 lbs and they are sorted by sizes and quality Quality: Fancy, No. 1 and No. 2 Sizes: Super Select (SS), Select(S), Large(L), Small (Sm) and Plain (Pl)
Originally from Mexico, Bell Peppers were included as part of the European and Asian cuisine. While Bell Peppers are delicious, they are also a beautiful vegetable as its variety of colors gives every dish their own special beauty. It is packed in 20 lbs. boxes and sorted by color and sizes Color: Green, Red, Orange and Yellow Sizes: Jumbo (JB),…
A hot pepper is a very easy product to use in any plate, as it can be eaten rare or cooked. With its very attractive green color it makes any dish have a nice presentation. We sell Serrano Peppers in a 35 lbs. box sorted by Sizes Extra Large and Large. The size has no impact in how hot the…
Every day its popularity Is growing in USA. Jalapeno has become an ingredient necessary in American cuisine. Who can resist a Jalapeno popper filled with cheese? Anavale has been recognized for having this product all year long and always in the best of quality. Jalapenos are sold in 35 lbs boxes and sorted in 3 different sizes Extra Large (XL),…
Green Tomato
It is in fact, a green tomato, with a very distinctful flavor used in Mexican foods, among other dishes, to create the famous green sauce. As more people get to know this vegetable the more people want to include it in their daily cooking. Tomatillo has a husk that keeps it fresh and protected from the harvest to your kitchen.…


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